rice husk charcoal making machine

How to Make Carbonized Rice Hull by Newest Carbonization Technology?

1. The current disposal status of rice husk

The surface of rice husk is relatively hard, and silicon content is quite high, so the rice husk is not easy to be decomposed by fermentation, which is unlike other crops to be easily fermented into fertilizer. The bulk density of rice husk is small, which occupies larger space. Moreover, in view of the current international air quality and high requirement on environmental protection, we can’t burn the rice husk directly. So the large number of rice hulls has become a large burden for planting enterprises and rice processing enterprises, and the re-development and utilization of rice husk is significant for human!

2. The situation analysis of rice husk reuse

According to the related analysis, the constituent elements of rice husk are mainly cellulose, lignin and silicon. For a long time, the experts and scholars both at home and abroad have conducted a wide range of analytical studies on the comprehensive utilization of rice husks, and also have obtained many methods and ways. But these academic methods can’t form scale in real operation and production process, which didn’t have value-added significance or obvious profits. These methods can’t solve the problem well. Therefore, many areas regarded rice husk as garbage, which not only wastes resources and pollute the local environment at the same time.

rice husk charcoal making machine
Rice husk charcoal making machine

3. Effective method of re-using rice husk

According to the latest research on scientific and technological indexes, rice husk can be used to make charcoal through a series of reactions including high temperature pyrolysis, smoke discharge, sulfur release and charcoal enrichment. The whole process takes advantage of carbonization technology. After carbonized by furnace, the rice husk can be converted into rice husk charcoal that has high value and wide applications in many areas. It is also a great raw material to make activated carbon.

4. Beston provides customers with professional rice husk charcoal making machine

Our professional technical experts have considerable research on the carbonization of rice hull, and also personally guide the production process of the equipment. We also have sufficient carbonization experience. Detailed information about Beston rice hull carbonizer:

a. The technical standards of Beston rice hull carbonizer design

The rice hull charcoal making machine designed by Beston Group can continuously carbonize rice hull, straw, hemp and other biomass raw materials. The carbonized biomass remain intact. The carbonization equipment is equipped with flue gas cooling and purification systems, which ensures the production environment smokeless. The carbonized rice husk is the best raw material for being deep processed into activated carbon. The flue gas generated in the carbonization process can be recycled and used to reduce pollution, which provides a new method for the comprehensive utilization of rice husk and can be popularized and applied in the rice producing area.

carbonized rice hull
Carbonized Rice Hull

b. Environmental friendly and continuous rice husk carbonizing furnace

The most suitable equipment for carbonizing rice hulls is rice hull carbonization equipment produced by Beston. In the production process, the carbonization temperature is controlled between 600℃ and 900℃, and the carbonization rate can reach as high as 3:1 or 4:1. This kind of equipment can reach continuous production by igniting the combustible gas produced in the furnace. The shape of the carbonized rice hull is not damaged and remains basic intact. The continuous carbonization machine can not only guarantee the rice husk is completely carbonized, but also ensure that the rice hull will not be burned in the process of carbonization. In this way, the machine can produce high-quality products with high charcoal content and neat shape.

c. The configuration of Beston continuous carbonization equipment

The whole carbonization unit consists of continuous carbonization furnace, spray tower, purification tower, screw feeder, cooling machine, conveyor and other components.

d. Contact info of Beston rice hull carbonization experts

Beston Machinery can provide the core technology information of rice husk charcoal machine for sale for you for free. It is not publicly displayed on the website because a lot of information is related to patents and trade secrets. You can obtain valuable information from us by chatting with us online or sending email to us directly.

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