The Necessity of Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Project

In the process of urbanization, garbage, as a product of urban metabolism, was the burden of urban development once, and many cities in the world have been surrounded by garbage. But now, garbage is considered to be the city’s “mineral” and “misplaced local resource” which has the most development potential. This is not only the in-depth and deepening understanding of garbage, but also the inevitable requirement of urban development.

The sorting, reusing and recycling of garbage is the important part for the pre-disposal of garbage. Through the collection and classification, the useful materials can be separated from the garbage for re-recycling and reusing, to realize the purpose of turning waste to treasure. In this way, it can not only improve the level of waste resource utilization, but also reduce the amount of garbage disposal, which is an important means and method to achieve waste reduction and resource recycling.

Necessity of municipal solid waste treatment plant project

1. To improve the quality of people’s life needs in the region

With the development of economy, people’s requirement on the quality of life is increasing, of which the environmental quality improvement is the most important content to improve the quality of life and living standards for people. Therefore, the implementation of garbage control, greening and beautifying the living environment are the concrete manifestation of “ecological development, well-off life, rural civilization, clean and tidy village, democratic management”.

2. To promote the sustainable development of regional economic needs

The economic sustainable development is inseparable from good environmental conditions, in which the garbage disposal has an important impact. So the construction of harmless garbage treatment project is the local economy needs to protect the sustainable development.

3. To protect and improve the living environment

Garbage littering affects the surrounding environment image, and the residents living environment also has some adverse effects. Long-term garbage open dumping disorderly handling not only polluted the land, but also polluted the air. If the groundwater is contaminated, it will be difficult to repair. Therefore, from the long-term development point of view, the construction of the solid waste management plant project is to protect and improve the living environment needs.

4. To achieve the requirement of energy-saving and emission reduction

The reduction, sorting, recycling and reusing of garbage can achieve a reasonable recycling of resource, which is a positive response to the requirement of national energy-saving and emission reduction.