Plastic Bag Recycling Machine for Sale

Plastic Bag Recycling Machine

Waste plastic bag, named “white waste”, is damaging the environment heavily. Recycling of plastic bags is the most important environmental issue at present. Beston new-developed plastic bag recycling machine has been designed to make plastic recycling an easy task, which can also turn waste into treasure.

Plastic Bag Recycling Machine for Sale
Plastic Bag Recycling Machine for Sale

How does the plastic bag recycling machine work?


Firstly, plastic bags are sorted from other materials based on post-industrial and post-consumer plastics. The sorting process can be finished by manual or highly advanced computerized machines that have sensors and ejectors to sort the plastic bags.


The sorted plastic bags are poured in a shredder, grinder or granulator and then are broken down into small plastic pieces.


The plastic pieces are delivered to the cleaning stage to be washed and ensure that there is any soil, grits, residues, glues, dirt or paper remaining. Different plastic recycling plants have different washing systems, which can be cleaning lines, bathtubs, or even friction washers.


In the last step, the plastic bag recycling machinery can make the plastic pieces into desired bale size and shape. The machine can use a single screw extruder that utilizes a pumping action or a double screw extruder which has mixing functions.

After being processed, waste plastic bags are made into granules, which can be widely applied in many areas. The plastic granules can also be used to make new plastic products. Besides, the plastic bags recycling machine can be also used to deal with other plastic waste, such as PET bottles, handbags, package bags, etc.

Plastic Granules Produced by Plastic Bag Recycling Machinery
Plastic Granules Produced by Plastic Bag Recycling Machinery

Benefits of Beston plastic bag recycling plant

* High-efficiency products output;

* High-quality products guarantee;

* Steady and smooth operation;

* Less energy, space and power consumption;

* Excellent dispersion;

* The plastic bag recycling system is easy to operate and manage. After adjusting well, one or two workers will be enough to operate it;

* The entire waste recycling plant is built by using special alloys, thus making the plant robust and durable;

* The plant can guarantee maximum safety and least noise. Its extruder is embodied with automatic pressure sensors, thus if there is excessive pressure, a buzzer or warning light will be sounded to remind you to change the filter screen.

At last, if you want to deep process the plastic bags or plastic granules, we also have plastic to oil machine for sale, which can turn various plastic materials into fuel oil and carbon black without generating any pollutants. It is an ideal machine for disposing waste plastics. The plastic oil can be also further processed into diesel or gasoline by plastic to diesel machine, which makes the oil have higher value and wider applications. Contact us for more about plastic recycling!

Plastic to Oil Machine for Sale
Plastic to Oil Machine for Sale

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