Plastic to Fuel Machine for Sale

Plastic to Fuel Machine for Sale

Nowadays, the recycling methods of waste plastic are quite wide. Firstly, the waste plastic can be directly melted and then plasticized into new products. Secondly, the waste plastic can be used for thermal regeneration. Because the calorific value of plastic is high, the plastic can be directly burnt to produce heat, and then recycle the heat. Thirdly, pyrolysis oil from waste plastic to turn solid plastic into liquid oil products. Finally, comprehensive utilization of waste plastics includes the production of building materials, multi-function resin, impermeable leak-proof agent and anti-rust agent. Among these methods, turning plastic into fuel oil is the most ideal way to dispose waste plastics because it not only has high profits, but also has high efficiency, no pollution as well as high tech. Based on this, Beston Group has developed the waste plastic to fuel machine for sale, which has the following characteristics:

Plastic to Fuel Machine for Sale
Plastic to Fuel Machine for Sale

1. The plastic to fuel conversion machine for sale has introduced pyrolysis technology. The plastic to fuel machine, also called plastic pyrolysis machine, takes full use of high temperature heating and special catalyst, which can successfully convert plastic into fuel, such as pyrolysis oil and carbon black. Both of the final products are useful resources and have quite a high demand in the market.

2. The plastic into fuel machine can deal with various kinds of plastic waste, such as PP, PE, PS, ABS and other general waste plastic materials. Besides, the machine is also suitable for waste tires, rubber, medical waste, oil sludge, biomass, etc. Different materials have different final products, but oil is the main end-product.

plastic to fuel machine
Beston Plastic to Fuel Machine Shipped to Indonesia

3. As the plastic industry grows rapidly, we have designed the machine with capacity from 6t/d to 24t/d to meet different customers. We have also manufactured different operating systems according to different materials, such as batch, semi-continuous, fully continuous plastic pyrolysis plant.

Daily Capacity1.5-3T6T8T-10T12-16T20-30T
Working MethodBatchSemi-ContinuousFully Continuous
Raw MaterialsWaste Plastic, Tyre, Rubber, Oil Sludge
Reactor SizeD1.4m*L5mD2.2m*L6.0mD2.6m*L6.6mD2.8m*L7.1mD1.8m*L22m
PatternHorizontal & Rotary
Heating MaterialsFuel Oil, Natural Gas, LPG, etc.
Total Power16.6kw/h24kw/h30kw/h54kw/h135kw/h
Installation Area Requst (L*W*H)20m*8m*8m30m*10m*8m30m*10m*8m40m*10m*8m50m*20m*10m
Operating PressureSlight Positive PressureSlight Negative Pressure
Cooling MethodWater Cooling
Life span5-8 Years

4. The plastic to fuel oil machine for sale has become more and more popular all over the world. Since its launching in the market, it has been exported to many countries, such as Dominica, Jordan, Nigeria, Indonesia, Korea…. We are looking forward to cooperating with more customers!

Successful Projects of Beston Waste Plastic to Fuel Machine for Sale:

The rapid growth of the plastic industry brings the convenience of people’s daily life, but at the same time, it also brings the negative impact and pressure, which not only exacerbates the consumption of resources, in particular to face the status of oil-poor, but also pollutes the environment day by day. So using plastic to fuel machine for sale to dispose and further turn waste into treasure is a great project worthy investing.

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