pyrolysis oil plant project

Pyrolysis Oil is Becoming Popular As an Alternative Fuel

Due to the impact of fossil fuel crisis, increasing of oil prices and the adoption of stringent emission regulations around the world, researchers are finding alternative fuels for internal combustion engines. Now we have discovered that the pyrolysis oil from waste plastic or tyres can be used as alternative fuel.

Pyrolysis oil from waste materials (such as tires, plastics, rubber, medical waste, oil sludge, etc.) is becoming more and more popular along with the oil price rising. The technology is applied in the plant called waste pyrolysis plant, which can convert waste into fuel oil, carbon black and other by-products under high temperature heating. The pyrolysis oil price only goes up and never falls down as the oil price rising, which will get your pyrolysis plant cost back soon and bring you great profits. Both of the oil from waste and carbon black can be sold directly in the market.

pyrolysis oil plant project
Pyrolysis oil plant project

There are various raw materials that are available for the plant, such as various plastic materials (PP, PE, PS, ABS…), tires from cars, rubber, medical in hospital, oil sludge (such as crude oil, petroleum sludge, fuel/engine oil sludge, drilling waste mud, and so on. Different raw materials generate different end products with different proportions. If you want to learn about detailed oil yield rate of one specific material, please send us samples and we will test for you. Generally, we have basic data for your reference.

Though the pyrolysis oil has high values and wide applications in the market, we can also deep process it into high-quality oil for higher profit. Processed by waste oil recycling plant, the pyrolysis oil can be refined into diesel oil or gasoline, which can be directly used in low speed engines, such as digging machine, loading machine, road roller and so on. The whole project can also help relieving energy crisis.

Advantages of the pyrolysis oil plant project:

1. Adequate raw materials;

2. Advanced pyrolysis process and technology;

3. Useful high-quality end products with wide applications and high values;

4. Pollution-free, environmental friendly, energy-saving;

5. Profitable, beneficial, a great choice for investing.

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