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Reasons for Investing a Waste Tire Recycling Machine

With the improvement of people living standard, more and more attention are payed to the environmental protection and body healthy. Thus the treatment of waste has become a sensitive topic, especially the disposal of waste tire. Waste tire recycling can be regarded as the most beneficial industry for investing. The waste tyre recycling machine produced by Beston Group has possessed the unique design, advanced technology, stable structure, first rate service, outstanding economic benefits and environmental efficiency, etc.

Nowadays, waste tires can be seen everywhere, so many businessmen have found the business opportunities from tyre recycling plant business plan. Waste tires, called the black pollution, always causes serious pollution because of its degradation-resistant. It has also led to soil pollution and air pollution. This kind of material is easy to fire but difficult to control, which can bring about big exploding and is very dangerous for our personal safety. In addition, the exploding will generate black smoke, which will pollute the environment and damage the people’s health. Beston waste tyre recycling plant can dispose various types of tires into rubber powder, which has wide applications in many areas.

tyre recycling plant manufacturer
Beston – Tyre Recycling Plant Manufacturer & Supplier

Operation methods of Beston waste tyre recycling equipment

Waste tire can be processed into small rubber granules, and in this process, our machine can used the automatic thread-rolling machine to separate the steel wire from the inside of waste tire. The steel wire can be further processed or sold directly. After this step, put the processed tyres to the shears that cut tyres into pieces. The pieces of tyres within 50mm produced from the tyre shredder machine are sent out through the conveyor belt, to the next process step – rubber powder production. Finally we get rubber powder through a series of classifier.

Applications of Bston waste tire recycling machine for sale

Engineering construction: the most of tire products are the tyre pieces whose sizes are 50mm, and these kinds of materials can be used to replace the conventional construction materials, such as the road fill, gravel, crushed rock or sand. The advantages of tyre chips are reducing density, improving drainage properties and guaranteeing good thermal insulation.

Tire manufacturers: many tire manufacturers use the recycled tyres as the affiliated materials to add in the compound. In this way, it can not only save large cost, but also has many unique features. For example, it has better mixing performance and stability; improves the degassing during vulcanization; improves the mould release; reduces the working time.

It also can be used in the athletic surface and playground covers. Combined with a moisture-curing urethane binder, the crumb rubber can be poured into place to form an elastic and resilient surface cover using conventional paving equipment. This technology has been widely applied in the running tracks, tennis courts, and similar athletic surfaces and playground covers.

With the development of technology, the related rubber products have been widely used in various areas, which has brought the large conveniences to our living life.

In addition to the advanced technology, the first rate service is also an important feature of Beston scrap tire recycling plant. We also provide tire to oil pyrolysis machine for sale for tyre recycling. Welcome to Beston Group!

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