Test Run of BST-50 Straw Charcoal Making Machine in Croatia

Latest update! A BST-50 straw charcoal machine in Croatia has completed its trial run smoothly. The customer is highly satisfied for the test results. This serves as a motivation for us to continue providing efficient and sustainable solutions for biomass utilization. Now, let’s delve into the trial run status of this project.

BST-50 Straw Charcoal Making Machine in Croatia for Test Run

Testing Details of BST-50 Straw Charcoal Making Machine

In the recent trial operation, you can see how the materials are fed into the BST-50 straw charcoal making machine, how the pyrolysis reactor operates, and how the combustion chamber functions, etc. These processes efficiently turn waste straw into high-quality straw charcoal. This straw charcoal holds vast potential applications, including but not limited to agriculture, industry, and environmental restoration. The Croatian customer has expressed satisfaction with both the end product and the operation of the equipment.

Raw Materials and End Product

In the first video, you can see large amounts of finely shredded dry straw pieces. This is because only biomass materials with the appropriate moisture content (≤15%) and size (5-20mm) can undergo pyrolysis to produce charcoal. Therefore, biomass pyrolysis plant typically comes equipped with a dryer and a crusher if necessary.

In the second video, you can see the final product of the BST-50 machine: straw charcoal. The video showcases the charcoal in the form of small granules. These can be sold directly. Also, some customers prefer to purchase auxiliary charcoal briquette production line. This line can transform the charcoal powder into various shapes of larger charcoal briquettes, thus increasing its economic value.


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