Tire cutting machine for sale

Tire Cutting Machine for Sale

Tire cutting machine for sale is a special equipment to cut large steel tires, fiber tires and other various waste tires that have been removed the sidewall steel ring. The tire cutter machine can cut various kinds of waste tires into rubber blocks with required specifications, which is convenient for the crushing of follow-up equipment. The main components of the waste tire cutting machine include: motor, moving knife, fixed knife, cylinder, hydraulic system, control box, rack and rotating mechanism, etc.

Tire cutting machine for sale
Tire cutting machine for sale

Basic principles of the tire cutter for sale

The motor drives the hydraulic system and the cylinder, and the tire is placed between the two blades. Firstly, the lock cylinder is operated to rotate the lock arm, and fasten the tire between the blades. Then cut the cylinder to rotate the moving blade, and to prompt the shear potential formation of the two blades, and finally to achieve the effect of shear.

Technical parameters of waste scrap tire cutting machine for sale

Model J-3000
Capacity 60 strips/hour
Waste tire size ≤ Ø3000 mm
Power 18.5kw
Working pressure 380t
Weight 25t

Characteristics of the tyre cutting machine

1. The cutlery of the waste tyre cutting machine is made up of high-quality materials, which has the advantages of big shear knife, good shear effect, rapid shear speed, low energy consumption, durable, and long service life.

2. The tyre cutting machine has automatic reset function after cutting tires, which is simple, convenient, safe to operate.

3. High pressure of the hydraulic system, low operation noise, and the device can be used continuously.

tire cutter machine
Tire cutter machine

Applications of the used tyre cutting machine

The waste tire cutting machines can be used for cutting a variety of rubber blocks,, rubber strips. It is suitable for cutting various oblique rubber tires, steel wire tires, rubber strips and other rubber materials. Moreover, the machine also has other important applications:

* The tire cutter is also used as pretreatment device in tire pyrolysis plant, which can greatly improve the pyrolysis efficiency. We also have supporting equipment for sale: tire shredder, tire crusher, etc.

* The tyre cutting equipment is also an important step in the rpoduction of tire recycling plant, rubber recycling plant and rubber powder production line. It is an essential part to make rubber powder or rubber granules.

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