turning plastic into oil

Turning plastic into oil

The turning plastic into oil plant is mainly used for recycling waste plastics into oil through pyrolysis technology, which is also called plastic to oil pyrolysis plant. It is aimed at turning waste into treasure and improving the environment.

how to turn plastic into oil

Main parts of turning plastic into oil equipment

The plastic to oil machine for sale is mainly made of 8 parts, including pyrolysis reactor (core device), manifold, oil sludge tank, oil condenser, oil tank, hydroseal, flue tube condenser, cooling tower and dedusting system.

1. Reactor

Reactor decides the service life and the safety of the whole waste plastic pyrolysis machine. Besides, our plant has two kinds of reactors available for your choice, one of which is made of stainless steel which can prevent the oil corrosion; while the other one is made of Q245R boiler steel and the thickness is 16mm. The major function of reactor is to heat the waste plastic material and turn plastic back into oil gas. The outside of the reactor is covered by the casing which plays a role in insulation to save more fuel.

2. Manifold

Manifold is also an important part of the whole pyrolysis oil  plant. It can separate the heavy oil from the light oil effectively. After this step, the light oil will rise up and enter the cooling system, while the heavy oil will drop in the residual oil tank.

Condenser system
Condenser system
Dedusting system
Dedusting system

3. Condenser system

Condenser system plays an crucial role in the pyrolysis of waste plastic. In this step, a large scale of the light oil gas will be liquefied into fuel oil and enter the oil tank. Meanwhile, the water will not get in touch with the oil directly, so it is environmental, and the purity of the oil is quite high.

4. Hydroseal

A little combustible gas will be generated in the process of pyrolysis, so when the combustible gas passes through the hydroseal, it will be desulfurated and cleaned, and the harmful components will be fully removed. Beyond that, the cleaning gas will be recycled to the burning room to provide heat, which can save a lot of fuel.

5. Dedusting system

Dedusting system includes four steps: in the spraying tower, the smoke will go through the water washing, waster spray, ceramic ring adsorption and the activated carbon adsorption. After four filtering steps, the clean smoke can meet the EU environmental protection and emission standards.

turning plastic into oil
Turning plastic into oil

Turning plastic to oil machine environmental technology program

Waste gas recycling technology

For the waste gas, we adopt secondary treatment processes. Firstly, the flue gas will be cooled down, then conveyed to strong atomization tower with diameter 1 meter and height 3 meters through a draft fan. Flue gas coming into strong atomization power would be dedusted with ceramic ring, then it passed by strong spray layer, and in the last, most gas stayed in the mesh material lay, and few steam into chimney emissions. If adding alkaline substances into water, some sulfur, and chlorine gas will be neutralized, salt generated then solidify for recycling.

About the control of Dioxin, furnace producing few cracked gas into hot blast stove for combustion, temperature of hot blast stove up to 1000 degrees, at this temperature dioxin will decomposition and disappear, a small amount of dioxin will generated again in the process of furnace heating and for removal dioxin, activated carbon adsorber and bag type dedusting device would be equipped with strong spray tower for adsorption of dioxins. Therefore, the equipment is basically no dioxin emissions.

turn plastic into oil plant
Turn plastic into oil plant shipped to Hungary

Waste liquid treatment scheme

The water consumption of the turning plastic into oil equipment is very small, which is mainly used to flue gas purification and waste gas purification. The water will be acidic after absorbing the acid, however, the water will be recycled after alkali neutralization sedimentation. The small amount of salt from settlement generated can be harmless natural degradation.

Waste solid treatment scheme

The slag of the reactor can be used as burdening for building material.

How to turn plastic into oil?

Features of Beston plastic into oil plant

1. With several years’ researching and improvement, our pyrolysis technology has become very mature.

2. The final fuel oil can be used further refined into diesel by plastic to diesel plant, and the diesel can be directly in the trucks, tractors, generators and ships.

3. Using indirect method to heat is contribute to extending the using life of reactor.

4. Four filtering steps for purifying can ensure the final oil products and its quality.

5. If you want to know more about how to turn plastic into oil, please go to the recommended reading: plastic pyrolysis process.

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