oil sludge treatment pyrolysis plant

Two Methods for Sludge Treatment

Today I will introduce different methods to dispose oil sludge and sewage sludge. They utilize different technologies respectively.

Oil sludge treatment

The oil sludge refers to the sludge produced during the process of oil production, storage, collection, transportation, and so on. It has containing components of crude oil. If we want to separate the oil from the sludge, we often adopt the pyrolysis technology, which can convert oil sludge into fuel oil, solids and water through high temperature heating. The whole process of pyrolysis is pollution-free, environmental friendly, energy-saving. It will not emit any pollutant. As for the end product, fuel oil, we can deep process into diesel or gasoline by oil distillation equipment.

oil sludge treatment pyrolysis plant
Oil sludge treatment pyrolysis plant

Having been in recycling field for nearly 20 years, Beston has exported two entire sets of the equipment (from oil sludge pyrolysis plant to distillation plant) to Nigeria. Both of the plants are under working smoothly now.

The plant can not only deal with various oil sludge such as crude oil sludge, petroleum sludge, fuel/engine oil sludge, drilling waste mud, but also can be used for recycling waste plastics, tires, rubber, medical waste treatment and so on. Generally, these materials can be converted into fuel oil and carbon black by the pyrolysis plant. So the plant is quite multipurpose.

Sewage sludge treatment

Sewage sludge is a solid precipitate produced by water and sewage treatment processes. With the increase of urban pollution, the addition of industrial and municipal waste water treatment plants, sludge production is increasing gradually. So the sewage treatment has become the focus of the environment. To recycling sewage in an environmental method, we adopt the carbonization technology, which can successfully turn sewage into charcoal and water. The charcoal can be further processed into activated carbon or high-quality carbon black by carbon black processing machine.

Sewage sludge treatment plant
Sewage sludge treatment plant

Beside capable of dealing with sewage sludge, the carbonization plant can be also used to dispose various biomass materials, such as coconut shell, palm shell, sawdust, straw, wood chips, bamboo, and so on.

If you want to dispose sludge, no matter oil sludge or sewage sludge, please contact us. You can mail your raw material sample, and we can make end products rate test for you.