Waste Sorting Project of Urban and Rural

Waste Sorting Project of Urban and Rural

With the development of social economy, the production of urban and rural waste has been also continuously increasing year by year. According to the report, each country can produce more than 1 billion tons of garbage in every year, and the constructional waste is about 500 million tons, while the living wastes of urban and rural are more than 500 millions. In addition, the production of waste in the world is also increasing in an annual growth rate of 5 and 8%. What’s worse, the wastes have occupied a large amount of our living space and valuable land.

Waste Sorting Project of Urban and Rural
Waste Sorting Project of Urban and Rural

Therefore, it is quite important for us to find an efficient method for solid waste treatment. Beston Group, specialized in waste recycling field for many years, can help you solve this trouble. After many years’ research and development, Beston Machinery has produced MSW sorting plant with advanced technology and reasonable structure. This kind of machine can separate many useful materials from the waste mixture. Our company also has introduced advanced mature technology, and each set of plant has installed smooth feeding system, bag crusher and various separators. After sorted by Beston waste separation machine, we can obtain the end products including plastic, metal, organic, solid materials, and paper, etc. Thus, waste sorting can not only deal with the waste pollution problem, but also can produce new resources, which fully responds the international sustainable development.

The plastic sorted by waste separator can be recycled into small plastic granules by waste plastic recycling machine, or it can also have a further process through plastic to oil machine for sale. No matter which method you choose, the plastic will be finally recycled instead of white pollution. In addition to plastic, the metal, organic and solid materials are also can be widely applied in various areas.

The processing technology of urban and rural waste has included several characters of fast, harmless, no surplus, recycling of resources and industrialization. This technology can efficiently separate various waste mixture out to realize the zero pollution collection, the harmless treatment, and resources production. The garbage sorting machine consists of 16 national patents, and also has been exported to many countries.

Beston waste recycling plant for sale can thoroughly realize the waste recover, zero pollution, cleaning production, and the indexes of each part have reached or even exceeded the relevant standards of the state and the EU, so that the waste disposal industry will be converted to permanent profit from the continuous investment.

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