Beston pyrolysis plant

Advantages & Superiorities of Beston Pyrolysis Technology

In our surrounding environment, landfill and incineration are the most traditional methods to treat the waste, which will directly led to greatly serious problem, especially the landfill. As we all know that most wastes, such as waste tires and plastics, are difficult to degrade, both of which are the most common garbage in our daily life. So as a result, more and more garbage is exposed directly in the open air or buried in the landfills, which not only occupies a lot of land sources but also is very easy to breed mosquito borne diseases (dengue fever), and they seriously deteriorate the natural environment, destroying the plant and vegetation, severely threatening the ecological environment of the earth.

Beston Pyrolysis Technology
Beston Pyrolysis Technology

Advantgaes of pyrolysis technology developed by Beston

Beston pyrolysis technology can perfectly solve the serious waste pollution problems. Our technology has introduced the international top technology which is called “The Zero Stripping”. Compared with the traditional waste recycling technologies, this advanced technology doesn’t need to use extra method to have a secondary separation between the steel wire from steel. In this way, it can make the whole operation process more simple and save more unnecessary cost, which can largely increase the economic benefits.

The principle of the Beston waste pyrolysis plant is mainly based on the high temperature heating. In the whole production process, we have used the best sealing system which can not only increase the working efficiency but also eliminate the hidden dangerous accidents caused by the gas spillover. Thus our pyrolysis machines have a great security to create a stable and safe working environment. Beyond that, the environmental production of our equipment is also obvious, and the unique design of dedusting system can eliminate the tail gas efficiently to meet the discharge standard and achieve the green production.

Usually, the pyrolysis plant price is a necessary issue for customers to carefully consider, so next is about the most attractive characteristics which can help you save more cost and create more economic benefits.

Beston pyrolysis plant
Beston pyrolysis plant installed in Indonesia

Firstly, the long service time. We know that the reactor is the most important part in the whole set of waste pyrolysis system. In this respect, we has used the special material that is the stainless steel boiler plate material which is very durable, through which the using time of reactor can be lengthened to extra 2-3 years, and we can also save the cost of maintenance and exchanging machine. The introduction of the automatic weld and X-ray inspection weld extend the using life of reactor for 6 to 7 years. finally, the reactor generally is heated indirectly, which can not only heat reactor uniformly but also extend the using time.

Secondly, Beston pyrolysis plant for sale can save more energies from several parts which can reduce fuel consumption to save more cost. The one is that the heating system must be sealed to prevent the gas leaking and save the energy; the other one is that the combustible gas can be recycled to heat reactor, which can produce the powerful negative pressure. Under this circumstance, the pyrolysis speed will increase quickly to reduce more energy.

So what do think of Beston waste pyrolysis equipment? We believe that our machines must provoke your interests. We can provide the best products for you along with first-class service.