Beston Carbonization Machine

Beston Carbonization Machine has Become a Hot-sale Product in the International Market

To be honest, biomass materials are the most common materials in our life, which can be said the waste of green plants, such as leaves, dry grasses, and even the withered flowers. Thus it is the a wise choice to use biomass carbonization plant to produce new energy, no mater which material you choose. Certainly, utilizing biomass charcoal making machine to have a production is beneficial to the society, which can not only quiet the energy shortage, but also can achieve the resource recycling.

Beston Carbonization Machine
Beston Carbonization Machine

Beston carbonization equipment mainly adheres to the principle of green production. This type of machine uses various biomass materials as raw materials such as the straw dust, rice hull, palm shell, coconut shell, sawdust, wood, etc. to produce charcoal, combustible gas, tar and wood vinegar. As we all know that the price of coal has become higher and higher and the consumption of coal also has caused serious air pollution. So the production of charcoal can not only avoid the environmental pollution but also can create bigger social benefits and economic profits.

The biggest sales point of wood charcoal making machine is the top rate technology, which is called one fire with two steps. This technology mainly utilizes the combustible gas generated in the furnace, and the combustible gas has high caloric values which can be equal to coal. So this kind of material can replace coal to heat furnace in the process of carbonization or provide heating resource for the dryer. In this way, the whole operating process will not produce any pollutant so that it can increase the utilization rate of heat recycling, save more energy as well as reduce large cost.

After a series of high temperature pyrolysis, flue gas volatile, sulfur release, charcoal enrichment, we finally get a new type of high-grade fuel, charcoal, with 90% carbon contents and good flammability. There is no doubt that biomass waste is an ideal material for charcoal production. Therefore, this kind of material has become a hot-sale product in the international market.

In addition to the advanced technology and mature design, the perfect after-sales service of the charcoal making machines is also attractive for customers:

1. Supervise manufacturing to guarantee high quality.

2. Fast delivery and close track on goods till you receive the goods.

3. Engineers will be sent to your site for the installation, testing and training the workers.

4. Periodical call visit to make sure there is no problem of the equipment or find the problem timely and solve it immediately.