Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

Beston Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant – The Competitive Product in The Market

Plastic products has been full of market. Nowadays, it has occupied all areas of our life, and it is more convenient for us. However, the waste plastic also has brought large trouble for us. At first, it can be not melt in water; then it also can be not buried in the soil. After a considerable period of time, the accumulation of waste plastic has become a public hazard, and people call them as white pollution. Based on the serious situations, Beston Machinery has developed the latest plastic pyrolysis plant for sale, which is aimed at solving plastic pollution problem and improve the environment.

Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant
Beston waste plastic pyrolysis plant is installed in Hungary

The cost of plastic pyrolysis plant is decided by its making materials, the size of the model. Beston (Henan) Machinery Co, Ltd. has invented the large, medium and small type of waste plastic pyrolysis plant. The waste plastic to oil plant is composed of the plastic pyrolysis reactor, advanced spay dedusting system, condenser system, etc. As for the pyrolysis furnace, it includes upper pyrolysis chamber, the lower chamber and the middle half cracking calcining chamber. Waste plastic pyrolysis equipment is a new energy efficient environment-friendly waste recycling plant, and the whole process does not produce harmful gas or pollute the environment.

The working principle of waste plastic pyrolysis plant includes four steps: pretreatment; feeding; higher temperature pyrolysis; dedusting. Pyrolysis of waste plastics refers to heating the waste plastic materials in the reactor through high temperature, and when it reaches the related temperature, the oil gas will generate in reactor; the oil gas will be condensed into fuel oil passing through the subsequent connected condenser system; the fuel oil can be used as fuel directly. After the oil fully discharges, the residual slag in reactor is called carbon black, which has high combustion value and also called biomass. This kind of carbon black can be compressed into ball to replace the coal directly or ground into fine powder as additive. Besides, the steel wire can be recycled by steel and iron industries.

Advantages of Beston plastic pyrolysis plant to produce oil

1. This pyrolysis equipment adopts intelligent control system, saves labor force, and moves towards high efficiency, automation and intelligence development.

2. Breakthrough traditional intelligent waste recycling equipment. The machine can feeding and discharge automatically.

3. The production process of carbon black, combustible gas and fuel oil has been realized, and the traditional high energy consumption, pollution and low efficiency defects have been solved

4. In the waste plastic pyrolysis process, the carbon black and fuel oil can be collected automatically, so as to realize the efficient utilization of renewable energy

5. Clean: flammable, smokeless, no burning coal, no spark, during the combustion of residual ash fall naturally not float ash, 3% or about 6% of residual ash after combustion

In recent years, the sales market of plastic to oil machine for sale has been widely opened in the home and abroad.it has made a great contribution to our life. This product is worth to have a further development and research.