waste sorting plant

Comprehensive management of waste pollution

Waste pollution is destroying the environment

1. Occupy the surface of the earth

It takes up the valuable land resources and do harm to the living space, which has bad affect on the development of industry and agriculture. A lot of garbage on the surface of the earth destroys the vegetation. It not only affects the beauty of the natural environment, but also undermines the ecological balance of nature.

2. Pollute the environment

Solid waste contains a variety of toxic substances. If not handled properly, it can directly contaminate soil, air and water resources. Ultimately, it can cause serious damage to a variety of organisms, including humans.

waste sorting plant
Waste sorting plant

3. Spread disease

The garbage waste contains large amounts of microorganisms. Its habitat is bacteria, viruses, insects, etc., which brings serious harm to human health.

4. Leachate waste will change the soil composition and structure

Hazardous waste endangers human health through the food chain. It damages the soil structure, physical and chemical properties, which reduces the oil fertility and water retention capacity. Waste contains heavy and toxic metals, such as pathogenic microorganisms and organic pollutants. These toxic substances will enter the water in the rain. The sewage will be harmful to the aquatic life and water resources.

5. Particles and wind make the air pollution more serious

A large number of air storage sites emit toxic gases, mice, mosquito breeding, which may causes cancer.

6. Smoke pollution

Due to the importance and high content of the carbon atoms, the polymer becomes small carbon black in the combustion process. After burning, the garbage will produce soot of carbon black. For the upward movement of air in the combustion process, the smoke spreads to the air, and finally falls to the ground.

With the continuous development of waste recycling, especially with more limits of the landfill technology and waste incineration technology, recycling is valued increasingly all over the world. Therefore, a variety of high-tech will be utilized in more and more garbage recycling process. The fully enclosed, mechanized waste sorting equipment, also known as garbage sorting plant and municipal solid waste sorting machine, is mainly used for sorting various garbage.

The waste sorting plant can sort the garbage into six categories:

1. Inorganic substances, such as bricks and tiles, etc., which can be used as building materials after selected;

2. Non-recyclable combustible materials. It can supply heating energy for the pyrolysis system factory;

3. Organic matter, sand. It can be made into nutrient soil or organic fertilizer through natural fermentation system.

4. Plastic. It can be used to make wood – plastic board or plastic particles by waste plastic recycling plant.

5. Ferromagnetic materials, mainly in order to recover.

The five types of the materials enter the corresponding treatment system to achieve the comprehensive treatment of municipal solid waste.