Recycling Machine for Plastic Waste

Disposal Methods & Recycling Machine for Plastic Waste

How can we efficiently utilize the waste plastic? How can we create the largest value by using used plastics? Beston group will give you the best answer – waste plastic recycling machine. The waste plastic recycling machine for sale produced by China Beston Machinery has possessed the most advanced technology and first-rate service. In our days, the environmental pollution caused by waste plastic has seriously threatened our living life, so more and more people have advocated green production and environmental recycling. Therefore, for the treatment of waste plastic, we have introduced excellent and efficient methods that integrate cutting, melting and recycling into plastic granules instead of throwing directly and landfill.

Because of the successful research and development, Beston waste plastic recycling plant has received the acceptation from many clients in the internation market. The plant can succcessfully recover used plastic waste to produce new plastic products, and it also can be applied in recycling waste plastics produced by large industries and business. It has thoroughly achieved the goal of green production and civilized development.

Recycling Machine for Plastic Waste
Beston Recycling Machine for Plastic Waste

Production steps of Beston plastic recycling process flow

It is obvious that used plastics are the raw materials. So firstly, we should recycle various kinds of waste plastics, then crush them and reproduce into plastic granules. All of these plastic materials will be made into renewable materials, which can be mixed with other related materials to produce new plastic products.

Firstly, producing renewable plastic must take in some room to stack and wash these plastic materials, so we need a plastic crusher to smash the materials; then the extruder is also a necessary part which can be used to heat raw materials and squeeze out the residual components; after that, we should cool the raw materials and then used the squeeze device to convert the plastic into strip shape; finally, use the cutting machine to make them into small granules. The samll granules are the raw materials to produce new plastic products.

Features of Beston used plastic recycling machine

As a professional plastic recycling machine manufacturer, Beston has developed the waste plastic recycling machinery with the features of usability, durability, high efficiency and safe, and it aslo has introduced the advanced recycling technology.

The machine has been designed into different models, and we can also design a unique structure according to the requirements of clients. What we can do is to meet clients’ satisfaction.

plastic recycling equipment
Plastic recycling equipment for sale

Besides, no matter small scale plastic recycling plant or continuous plant you choose, we also promise that both of the types have used excellent materials and sturdy structure, and also have possessed well maintenance in the period of operation.

Moreover, Bestion plastic recycling plant has wide market and well acceptation in the whole industry. The plant also has been exported to many countries and has received great praise from all the buyers. We have enough confidence in every aspect of the machine.

First-rate service of Beston waste plastic recycling equipment

We will provide all the details of the equipment and show you around the factory, which is beneficial for the clients to have a deep understanding on our products. As for the after-sale service, we will arrange our technicians to guide the installtion. Our professional engineers are also responsible for training and guiding the local workers.

Beston plastic waste recycling plant is always your first and best choice in your business way. In recent years, the government also has began to pay more attention to the related environmental projects, so we believe that the developing potential of waste plastics recycling machinery is unlimited.