Fully Continuous Waste Tire Pyrolysis Equipment Business Plan

Environmental Fully Continuous Waste Tire Pyrolysis Equipment Business Plan

Used tire is a kind of polymer material which isn’t melt or difficult to melt, if making their large molecules do not decompose until affect the plant growth in soil requires several hundred years. More and more waste tires are exposed in the open air, which not only occupies a lot of land, but also is very easy to breed mosquito borne diseases(dengue fever), seriously deteriorating the natural environment, destroying the plant and vegetation, severely threatening the ecological environment of the earth. Meanwhile, they can also cause the fire and threaten human’s life and property, thus it is called “ The Black Pollution”. In some districts, people use scrap tires as fuel that causes serious pollution and makes the surrounding desert. The methods to deal with the solid wastes such as landfill or combustion are not suitable for waste tires.

In order to have no secondary pollution and efficiently solve the problems that used tires have a harmful effect on the environment, Beston pushes out a perfect business plan on this problem, which is the environmental continuous waste tyre pyrolysis plant.

Fully Continuous Waste Tire Pyrolysis Equipment Business Plan
Fully Continuous Waste Tire Pyrolysis Equipment Business Plan

Brief introduction of the environmental fully continuous tire pyrolysis plant

The continuous tyre pyrolysis plants are carrier in the process of pyrolysis, heating waste tires in the reactor through high temperature, after reaching a certain temperature, the tires will pyrolyse and generate oil gas, and then the oil gas may be condensed into liquid passing through the subsequent connection cooling system, and the resulting oil can be used as fuel oil directly. When the oil gas is fully discharged, we call the leaving slag in reactor as carbon black, because it has more than 7000kcal/kg of heat, so we also regard it as biomass, which can be compressed into ball and replace coal to burn and heat, and can be also ground into fin carbon black to be used as additive in the related productions of carbon black and rubber. In addition, the steel wires that are used to reinforce tires will be separated after pyrolysis and can be directly sold to the scrap metal or steel factory to recast.

The continuous pyrolysis plant is a widely used type of pyrolysis oil equipment. Compared with the batching and the semi-continuous pyrolysis plants, the continuous pyrolysis machine can process more materials, and the plant has lower intensity and better continuity, besides, the continuous pyrolysis plant design is quite complicate, and it has a higher requirement on the supporting plant and the automatic control ability. So the continuous pyrolysis machines have higher efficiency and better stability. The structure of fully automatic pyrolysis plant is easier under the premise of meeting technology requirement and safe operation. The plant has introduced the standard models and general components to reduce the manufacturing cost, in addition, it also has good performance, high degree of automation and is easy to operate and maintain.

continuous pyrolysis plant design
Beston continuous pyrolysis plant design for Germany

In the fully continuous tyre pyrolysis plant, its structure decides that it is suitable for large and medium oil factories or workshops.

Compared with other pyrolysis plants for sale, the investment of continuous pyrolysis equipment is higher, and it belongs to the large and medium-size mechanical equipment type.