Continuous Pyrolysis Recycling Equipment

Environmental Technology Program of the Continuous Pyrolysis Recycling Equipment

Waste gas recycling technology

In the pyrolysis process, for the exhaust gas, we adopt secondary treatment processes. Firstly, flue gas will be cooled down, then conveyed to strong atomization tower through draft fun. Flue gas comes into strong atomization power, which would be dedusted with ceramic ring. Then it passed by strong spray layer, and in the last, most of the gas stayed in the mesh material lay, and few steam into chimney emissions. If adding alkaline substances into water, some sulfur and chlorine gas will be neutralized, and salt generated then solidify for recycling.

For the control of dioxin, few of the cracked gas produced in the furnace enters hot blast stove for combustion. The temperature of hot blast stove reaches as high as 1000 degrees. At this temperature, dioxin will be decomposed and disappear. A small part of dioxin will generate again in the process of heating. In order to remove the dioxin, we equip the continuous pyrolysis plant with activated carbon adsorber, bag-type dedusting device, strong spray tower for adsorption of dioxin. Thus, the equipment basically has no dioxin emissions.

Continuous Pyrolysis Recycling Equipment
Continuous Pyrolysis Recycling Equipment

Waste liquid treatment scheme

The water consumption of this pyrolysis equipment is very small, which is mainly used for flue gas purification and waste gas purification. The water will be acidic after absorbing the acid, however, the water will be recycled after alkali neutralization sedimentation. The small amount of salt from settlement generated can be harmless natural degradation.

Waste solid treatment scheme

The slag from the pyrolysis reactor can be used as building material. The steel wire from the tires pyrolysis can be directly recycled for reusing.

The pre-treatment for all kinds of raw material before pyrolysis scheme

The tires should be shredded into 30-50mm rubber pieces by the tyre shredder machine to meet the requirement of the spiral feeding device. (According to the investor, it is better to process the tire into rubber particles).

As for the waste plastic, PET is not applicable for the process of pyrolysis.

Pyrolysis Technology
Pyrolysis Technology

Production consumption

1. Power: 85kw/hour in total (but not every device starts at the same time).

2. Cooling circuit water: less than 100 m3/hour in total (the water can be recalculated and the more the water flow, the better the effect of cooling down).

3. Fuel for heating: 60kg diesel or 70M3 natural gas for processing one ton material for average.

4. Space for machine: 15m*25m*10m (width*length*height) (the BLJ-6 smallest space).

5. Workers ∕ shift: 2 to 3 workers are enough and can be divided by two groups.