Fully Continuous Waste Pyrolysis Equipment with Capacity of 30-50T/D

Fully Continuous Waste Pyrolysis Equipment with Capacity of 20-24T/D

The complete set of BLL-20 fully continuous pyrolysis plant developed by Beston Group has adopted clean energy heating and taken advantage of various waste tire products and scraps to generate fuel oil by pyrolysis technology under the micro-negative pressure. The whole pyrolysis production process can achieve automatic feeding, stirring, oil generating and discharging, which has totally make the industrial production realize fully continuous. The whole set of the continuous pyrolysis equipment is completely closed, clean production and no secondary pollution emissions; atmospheric pressure operation, good safety; rapid temperature changing in the pyrolysis reactor, high thermal efficiency, long service life, simple operation and maintenance; small occupied area, not limited by terrain and regional, wide applications, simple installation and transportation; high oil yield, high oil quality; generating of carbon black with good quality at the same time. The entire set of the pyrolysis plant price is low, which has a strong competitive edge in the international market.

Fully Continuous Waste Pyrolysis Equipment with Capacity of 20-24T/D
Fully Continuous Waste Pyrolysis Equipment with Capacity of 20-24T/D

Characteristics of the continuous pyrolysis equipment:

1. The production process has met the requirements of safe, large-scale, continuous, energy-saving and environmental protection;

2. The fully automatic pyrolysis plant adopts indirect heating method to improve the heating efficiency and greatly extends the service life of the main equipment;

3. The plant adopts advanced low-temperature pyrolysis technology to achieve the industrial continuous production, which can eliminate the environmental and security risks fundamentally;

4. The patent heating technology and unique heat dispersion process combined with low temperature sulfur transfer catalyst to heat the materials evenly, and get high-quality fuel oil and carbon black;

5. The combustible gas generated from the production line is purified and used as fuel in the heating system. The adopting of waste heat recycle technology has high efficiency and reduces the running cost;

Fully automatic pyrolysis plant
Fully automatic pyrolysis plant 3D drawing

6. Low-temperature pyrolysis process improves the safety performance and extends the service life of the equipment.

7. The special flue gas purification system can remove all the pollutants in the flue gas: H2S, CO, CO2, SO2, SO3, NOX, NH3 and other organic compounds and solid particles, so that the emission targets have reached the standards of Europe and the United States.

8. The entire pyrolysis system for waste can adopts PLC programmable logic control system, and the control point can be automatically controlled. The system has various functions such as data acquisition, calculation, recording, printing reports, alarm and so on.