Beston Group Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Technology

Recommended the Best Environmental Technology: Beston Group Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Technology

Turning waste plastic into treasure has been paid attention by more and more people. Different people from different industries have different ideas: the artists will use different plastic products to make works of art; the fashion people will make a variety of fashion crafts; the gourmets will make dishes decorated with plastic products; the housewives will make various living appliances. But these can only extend the life of plastic, which can not fundamentally solve the problems of waste plastic emissions and pollution.

The main methods of reusing and recycling plastic waste are incineration, landfill, melt regeneration and pyrolysis.

Beston Group Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Technology
Beston Group Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Technology

1. Domestic waste contains waste plastics, with unstable composition. The plastic waste will produce dioxins and other harmful substances in the incineration process, which is easy to cause secondary pollution.

2. Landfill will pollute the land and groundwater.

3. Melt regeneration has high requirements on raw materials (plastic varieties of one or several), which has high production cost. The resulting compound recycled plastic has unstable nature, and easy to brittle; moreover, the production process has secondary pollution problem.

4. Waste plastic pyrolysis oil plant can not only solve the waste plastic pollution problem, but also can obtain fuel oil and carbon black at the same time. The fuel oil can be further processed into diesel oil or gasoline by distillation plants. Beston pyrolysis technology is the most effective method to dispose waste plastics, which represents the development direction of waste plastic recycling treatment.

The newest developed continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant has automatic feeding of raw materials and discharging of slags; high degree of automation; the whole production process is carried out in full-closed equipment; the heating system adopts flue gas recycling technology to reduce fuel consumption and flue gas emissions, in line with international policy of energy saving and emission reduction; flue gas is discharged after purification; the continuous pyrolysis plant realizes a safe, environmental friendly, low consumption, high efficiency, large processing capacity of large-scale waste plastic pyrolysis industrial continuous production.