Recycling of Municipal Waste to Energy

Recycling of Municipal Waste to Energy

As an innovative and high-tech enterprise, Beston Group has been specialized in the production of recycling lines, including machines to dispose waste tires, plastics, rubber, medical waste, oil sludge, biomass waste, crude oil etc. All the plants are aimed at converting waste to energy in a green and profitable method.

1. we utilize Beston garbage sorting machine to sort different kinds of waste materials, such as glass, paper, plastic, tyres, biomass waste and so on. Then we treat the different materials by using different methods and machines.

garbage sorting machine
Garbage Sorting Machine

2. For the waste tyres, plastics, rubber, medical waste, oil sludge, we can use Beston waste pyrolysis plant to generate fuel oil and carbon black. The fuel oil can be further refined to diesel oil by Beston oil distillation plant; while the carbon black can be further reprocessed into N220, N330 carbon black by Beston carbon black processing plant. For the biomass waste, such as coconut shell, rice hull, wood, palm shell and so on, we have biomass pyrolysis plant that can make charcoal from waste.

Recycling of Municipal Waste to Energy

3. We can also deal with the waste plastics by using Beston plastic recycling machine for sale (also called plastic granules making machine). The granules can be used to make new plastic products.

plastic recycling machine for sale
Plastic Recycling Machine for Sale

4. The waste tyre/rubber can be disposed by tire shredding equipment, and then further processed into high-quality rubber powder by Beston rubber powder production line.

tire shredding equipment
Tire Shredding Equipment

For each set of our plant, we have high guarantee of security, quality, efficiency and multiple choices available for your choice. All of our products adopt the most advanced technologies and are equipped with the most mature devices. So far, each set of our plants has passed CE, ISO, SGS certificates, which will ensure and guarantee the product quality.

Beston Certification
Beston Certification

Providing high-quality products and taking honest operation as tenets have always been our principle in the international trade, which brings us friendships with customers as well as helps us build up a good reputation. So far, our products have been exported to more than 20 countries, such as Jordan, Brazil, Nigeria, Dominica, Turkey, Korea, Ukraine, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan… and we enjoy a good reputation all over the world. We have also established agencies in Iran and Egypt.