Regeneration of Waste Plastics into Granules

Recycling & Regeneration of Waste Plastics into Granules

As one of the oil derivatives, the prices of plastic products have gone up with the global crude oil price rising. The recycling of waste plastics has also been referred to the primary position. The waste plastics after artificial screening and classification can be processed into a variety of transparent opaque plastic particles through the processes of crushing, granulation, modification and so on. The particles become renewable materials that can be reused eventually after classified according to the product phase.

Regeneration of Waste Plastics into Granules
Regeneration of Waste Plastics into Granules

The main types of recycled plastics are plastic film (including plastic packaging bags and plastic sheeting), plastic filament and woven fabric, foam plastic products, plastic crates and containers, cable covering materials and various daily groceries, recreation, health care and other daily plastic products. The film, foam, crates and containers, weaving, sheet and other plastic products are mainly used for plastic packaging. In additional, there are some other plastic packaging products (such as plastic tray), agricultural plastic products (such as agricultural plastic water-saving equipment), decorative plastic products with higher scrap rates.

The production temperature of different plastic materials when granulating:

Item Temperature
PVC 145℃
PC 230℃
LDPE 200℃
HDPE 250-260℃
PP /PE 230℃
PA6 230℃
PA66 280℃
PA4 300℃
Generally above 280℃ is high-temperature material; 200-280℃ is medium-temperature material; below 200℃ is low-temperature material.

The finished plastic particles can be used in rubber powder production line for making rubber powder; or used for making new plastic products. It can be widely used in many fields, which not only has solved waste pollution issue, but also brought profits.

Besides recycling waste plastics by making granules, we also have plastic to oil machine for sale, which is aimed at turning waste plastic materials (such as PP, PE, PS, ABS…) into fuel oil and carbon black, without producing any pollutant. And then can be further refined into diesel oil with wider applications and higher value by plastic to diesel machine. If you want to learn more about plastic recycling treatment, contact us please.

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