Batch Pyrolysis Process

Safety Procedure Regulation of Batch Pyrolysis Process


1. Light the combustion chamber before feeding materials to preheat the pyrolysis reactor, which is better for improving the rate of feeding. Open the vents on the top of the manifold at the same time, and release the vapor. In the places where the environmental protection is seriously required, the pipe fitting should be connected and stabbed into the water in the hydroseal. And then burn the extra combustible gas in the combustion chamber.

2. Start the conveyor: send 1-2 ton materials to the platform of feeding system.

3. While feeding materials, open the high-temperature butterfly value and start the motor of feeding system. Taking BLL-16 semi-continuous pyrolysis plant as an example, feed 4-5 ton material once, and add catalyst (about 3‰–5‰ of the raw materials) at the same time. The feeding time needs one or two hours.

4. After the feeding completed, put semi-humid carbon black into feeder machine and then closed the butterfly value.

Batch Pyrolysis Process
Batch Pyrolysis Process

Production process

1. Check the pressure meter, temperature meter and explosion-proof regularly, in order to avoid unnecessary danger.

2. In the normal process of pyrolysis, strictly prohibit standing or walking right ahead of the explosion-proof value; no combustible materials and stacking right ahead the explosion-proof value; put out fire immediately when the anti-explosion value is explored by dry chemical fire extinguisher. Stop the rotary and fire, and check carefully until the temperature of the reactor is lowered down completely. The thickness of explosion-proof aluminum is 25-35si and only use one piece of explosion-proof aluminum. There should be asbestos pad or metal pad used under the explosion-proof aluminum.

3. When the temperature of outlet oil gas reaches about 90℃, open the two fuel gas spray guns in the combustion chamber, and close the exhaust-value of the air manifold.

4. When the power stops, the draft fan will stop working. The pressure of the waste pyrolysis machine is positive in the combustion chamber, so the door of firebox can’t be opened immediately, so as to the burning wood or coal in a state of positive pressure spray flame in the firebox to cause unnecessary harm.


1. When we finishes the whole plastic pyrolysis process, turn off the combustion source, open the drain value, close the flue gas spray gun and make the temperature of the air manifold drop down to below 250 ℃ (generally at 0.5-1 hours) to ensure safety of discharging.

2. Open the maintained cross-connection and butterfly value, and clean the slag.

3. Close the maintained cross-connection of discharging and installed the discharging system. Then open the motor of the system and let the slag discharging.

4. After finishing the discharging process, the new process will be restarted…