Pyrolysis Waste Tires into Fuel Oil

Solutions of Pyrolysis Waste Tires into Fuel Oil

1. The pyrolysis technology is an ideal method to dispose waste tires most thoroughly.

This technology can deal with a variety of waste materials, such as waste rubber, waste tires, waste plastics, waste oil, oil sludge, household waste oil and so on. The final products of the technology are fuel oil, carbon black and steel wire. After processed by our distillation plants, the fuel oil can be converted into national standard diesel, GB gasoline; the carbon black can be processed into fine carbon black characterized as N220, N330, N660 by powder grinder machine.

Pyrolysis Waste Tires into Fuel Oil
Pyrolysis Waste Tires into Fuel Oil

2. It is the most environmental friendly approach.

There isn’t any waste emissions (waste water, waste gas, waste residue) and secondary pollution.

– No waste water: the water used in the pyrolysis process is used for circulating cooling. There is no waste water because it is recycling.

– No waste gas: it doesn’t produce any toxic gas. The gas generated in the production process is combustible gas that is used as fuel.

– No waste residue: slag in the process is steel wire and carbon black. The steel wire and the carbon black are separated by the vibrating screen. The steel wire is discharged from the steel wire outlet, and the carbon black is processed to restore the fine carbon black by conveying deep processing system and then is automatically packed into a bag. The whole process is operated in the closed-automatic control, without any waste dust.

3. High efficiency.

– The pyrolysis equipment cost is low.

– The batch operating system doesn’t need tyre shredding process, which saves the cost of investing tire shredder machine, as well as labor and energy consumption in the process.

– It is equipped with efficient pyrolysis reactor to save the time of feeding materials.

– Remote heat radiation, aggregation heat, rapid increase in pyrolysis temperature, indirect heating, high heat utilization.

– It adopts open fully integrated automation component, which is durable, stable, reliable and easy to operate. It reduces the raw material consumption and improves productivity.

– The whole set of the pyrolysis system is simple and convenient to operate, which saves energy, labor, machinery wear and tear.

– The fuel oil generated in the pyrolysis process can help relieving energy crisis.