Wood Charcoal Machine

Wood Charcoal Machine is the New Favorite of Forestry and Agriculture

Wood charcoal machine is the new favorite of forestry and agriculture. Focus on two major themes of improving the ecological and people’s livelihood, China Beston Group has developed the newest wood charcoal making machine for sale, based on the support of industrial development, driving force of reform and innovation. Beston wood charcoal machines is a necessary equipment for the manufacturing of mechanism charcoal, which uses forestry waste, wood waste and agricultural waste through smoke-free, non-toxic, and tasteless processing. In the situation of opportunities and challenges coexisting today, China Beston efforts to develop and improve charcoal making equipment, develop high-tech technology with scientific synchronization.

Wood Charcoal Machine
Wood Charcoal Machine

We should take full advantage of wood carbonization plant in terms of forestry and agriculture, vigorously promote innovation of forestry science and technology, integrate resource of forestry, and build platform to make full use of social science and technology. Adopt scientific research, science and technology demonstration, science and technology entrepreneurship and optimize industrial chain, strengthen the training, foundation and other measures to promote scientific and technological innovation and the results of transformation, and comprehensively improve the diathesis of workers and forestry production level, in order to accelerate the development of modern forestry to provide sustainable power support.

What are the benefits of using the charcoal from wood?

Firstly, clean, smoke-free, non-toxic, long time burning; the ash generated during the burning falls naturally and will not floating up; less ash, high charcoal content; no chemical substances content.

Secondly, environmental protection and high energy. It makes use of farmland waste for production, turning waste into treasure. It contains 80% fixed charcoal and has high calorific value.

Thirdly, low water content, within 5%.

Fourthly, the carbonized wood has regular shapes, reasonable structure, uniform length and size, which is conductive to burning and using.

charcoal from wood
Charcoal from wood

As we all know, the mechanism charcoal from wood chips is a clean charcoal. But how to make charcoal from wood? Taking sawdust or wood as raw materials, we can make charcoal by carbonization machines, which is a special equipment for producing mechanism charcoal. The charcoal equipment is simple to learn and operate. Welcome to Beston for visiting!