Waste Rubber Pyrolysis Plant

Feasibility Analysis Report on Extracting Carbon Black and Oil from Small Rubber Pyrolysis Plant

Background and significance of the project development

In the modernized society, on the one hand, with the vigorous development of the rubber industries, rubber products have been widely used in various industries; on the other hand, because rubber is not easy to corrupt, with the increasing of waste rubber, it has caused largely harmful effect on the environmental health and is called as “the black pollution”. So it is high time that we should take serous measures to manage waste rubbers effectively. Nowadays, because of the advantages of waste pyrolysis plant, such as well-sale, fast turnover of working capital and so on, people have payed more attention to its profits.

Waste Rubber Pyrolysis Plant
Waste Rubber Pyrolysis Plant

Features of the rubber pyrolysis plants (Taking BLJ-6 as an example)

1. Having a comprehensive process to waste rubber, and it can produce carbon black and fuel oil at the same time.

2. Each of the small pyrolysis machine consists of seven parts:

a. The main engine with horizontal rotary pryolysis reactor;

b. Feeding system;

c. Auto discharging system;

d. Central electronic control system;

e. Condenser system;

f. Combustible gas heating system (tail gas processing system);

g. Flue gas removal system.

Small Rubber Pyrolysis Plant
Small Rubber Pyrolysis Plant

3. Domestic initiative:

a. The production process of the whole pyrolysis system is sealed, whose environmental protection efficiency is good.

b. The supporting plant can largely improve the additional value of oil products through the deep processing the oil.

c. The pyrolysis reactor design is a major device of the complete pyrolysis system for waste, which can completely overcome some disadvantageous factors of vertical flat bottom pyrolysis reactor produced in domestic, such as uneven heating, easy fracture, low output and short service life. The major engine has introduced the horizontal 360 degree rotating structure.

d. The flue gas removal system has a cyclone dedusting chamber with bidirectional water impulse, which can ensure the tail gas from the flue outlet meets the international emission standard.

e. We promise that all the pyrolysis plants for sale manufactured by Beston Group possess the perfect after-sale service with one year warranty and life-long maintenance, which can thoroughly solve the clients’ troubles after buying.

rubber pyrolysis oil
Rubber pyrolysis oil

Products and raw material market

As the market economy rapidly develops and the amount of vehicle machinery increases, the demand of the petroleum in the market is increasingly growing, and the development of pyrolysis industry will become better and better. The fuel oil from pyrolysis plant can be used in many industries, in addition, if the fuel oil is deep processed into diesel or gasoline by oil distillation plant, it will have higher value and wider applications.

With the fast development of the world economy, the demand of carbon black in rubber market has become more and more larger. Among the various rubber products, the lowest price of N330 carbon black is at least RMB2600 per ton in market. The carbon black produced by the rotating pyrolysis reactor can be used as fuel or as the raw material to produce the N330 carbon black. So it has a large market demand and broad prospects.

Features of main technologies

1. Pyrolysis reactor is the major part of the whole pyrolysis system for waste, which has adopted the horizontal rotating structure, catalytic pyrolysis technology and chemical extraction technology.

2. The supporting environmental equipment is perfect, such as the waste burner and the flue dedusting chamber.

3. The rubber pyrolysis plant has rational design, advanced technology and perfect safety facilities.

4. Extensive range of applications, one machine with multiple uses.

Rubber Oil
Rubber Oil

Applicable products and industries

1. Industrial mixed waste plastic, allowing the existence of multiple wastes plastics (but recommended PE > 70%, PVC < 10%.);

2. Waste oil, such as waste diesel, waste engine oil, and waste oil sludge;

3. Waste rubber tires;

4. Used cable sheath (advises that dechlorinate firstly and then pyrolysis);

5. Waste crude oil;

6. Waste PNNA.

Technology flow of the rubber recycling plant

Feed waste rubber into the rotating pyrolysis reactor under the normal pressure, and then catalyze and heat to generate the oil gas; next the oil gas will enter the condenser system, in which the liquid part can be condensed into fuel oil, while the other part will be burned through the fuel oil gas. After the end of each batch, the cooling carbon black will be automatically discharged through the slag outlet. Feeding→horizontal rotating reactor→reducing pressure manifold→condenser system→oil storage system→hydroseal→burning system→dedusting system→four filers dedusting system→ cleaning smoke→ turning to distillation.

Investment recovery calculation

The total cost is RMB 200 thousand (not containing the flow capital and construction costs), and the profit is RMB 47.8 thousand each month. The waste rubber pyrolysis plant can be completed and put into production after 30 working days, and the normal short production period can recovery the whole investment.


According to the above analysis, using waste rubber to extract carbon black and oil can turn waste into treasure, and this kind of method benefits the nation and people. This advanced pyrolysis technology is feasible, and has advantages of low investment, enough raw material, quick return and good prospect. All of these explain that it is the best choice for investment and construction.

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