Fully Automatic Continuous Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Equipment

Main Structure of Fully Automatic Continuous Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Equipment

The fully automatic continuous plastic pyrolysis plant adopts external indirect heating method, which consists of reactor, transmission and support mechanism, heating furnace, smoke extraction device, feeding device, discharging device, monitoring and controlling system, sealing system and so on. The overall structure of the reactor size is depended on the sale of production. The lining of the side wall in the hating furnace uses a multi-layer insulation material and mixed structure, which has a remarkable energy-saving effect. The heating furnace of the reactor takes advantage of the structure of round top and square bottom.

Fully Automatic Continuous Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Equipment
Fully Automatic Continuous Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Equipment

1. Continuous pyrolysis reactor design

The reactor selects special corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant alloy steel material, which can meet the requirement of the maximum reaction temperature; wall-mounted material for mandatory guidance device and feeding device. The material moves with the reactor rotation; the upper and lower of the material can be exchanged and heated alternately and uniformly.

2. Heating furnace and heating mode

The continuous pyrolysis plant is equipped with an heating furnace outside the pyrolysis reactor, and is heated from the external heating reactor body wall. The heating furnace includes a furnace body, gas burner, hot gas pipe line, exhaust smoke extraction device and so on. The heating furnace is equipped with gas direct heating system and heat remote safety heating system. The heating mode can be selected according to specific requirement.

continuous pyrolysis plant
Continuous pyrolysis plant

3. Monitoring and control system

The pyrolysis machine is equipped with a central console in particular, as well as temperature control circuit, inverter and electrical and mechanical equipment, start button and a series of low-voltage electrical facilities.

The continuous waste plastic pyrolysis equipment achieves automatic and continuous feeding and discharging at the same time; the whole production process is operated in a closed environmental; the heating system adopts flue gas recycling technology to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, in line with international energy conservation policies; the flue gas achieves the standard and is discharged after purification. The fully automatic pyrolysis plant has realized dealing with large-scale waste plastics with advantages of safe, environmental friendly, low consumption, high efficiency, continuous…